Qoba Customer – Cakehearts

“Baking is not just a passion for us, it’s our way of life.” Chef Yasmin Mohammed Yasmin Mohammed, a 25-year-old professional pastry chef, is the founder and owner of Cakehearts. After baking a cake for her sister’s birthday in 2017, she had an epiphany that lead her to create one of the most iconic pastry brands on Kenyan Instagram, known for their baby pink branding and delightful pastries that their customers cherish. This sweet corner of Instagram offers customized pastries, dessert tables, dessert boxes, and recipes. Almost as an afterthought, five years later, with a growing list of customers, Cakehearts has been able to establish Cakehearts Pastry School, which aims to teach, inspire, and infuse creativity and enthusiasm for baking in Kenya’s future generation of pastry chefs. Cakehearts has been on a mission to introduce its customers to the warmth and richness of freshly made pastries, cakes, and delectable desserts in the comfort of their own homes and workplaces. They strongly believe that every special moment in life should be treasured and savored with a sweet taste. And there’s nothing better than ordering delectable desserts from their online bakery store.

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